CETME receiver flat bending jig G3 receiver flat bending jig HK91 receiver flat bending jig
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 At last an affordable yet durable receiver flat bending jig for CETME / G# / HK91. Our bending jig is designed for use with PTR Industries reciever flats and clones that use locating ears at each end of the reciever flat. 

Triple R prodcuts LLC throughly tests all the prodcuts it offers out to the gun building communuty to ensure our products meet / exceed expectation. As part of the design process used to develop this affordable bending jig, we build several CETME battle rifles and in doing so found that there is  A LOT of miss information posted around the CETME / G3 / HK91 battle rifle builds. Buying for Triple R prodcuts LLC also means you get first rate support. We are happy to share our build experiance to help you avoid the common pitfalls as well as provide components to make your build go smoother. 



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CETME / G3 / HK91 Reciver Flat Bending Jig

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