Clamp on / Bolt On AR15 Bayonet lug
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Our clamp on / bolt on AR15 bayonet lug is a two piece design that permits easy installaton wthout the need to remove the rifles flashider. 



- Easy to install, comes with installation tool

- Milled from steel bar making it extremly durable

- Weighs under 1 ounce will not effect rifle "balance"

- Torture tested and validated to function 

- Black Oxide finish

 Dont see your barrel size? chose the "Custom Barrel Diameter" option and send add the required barrel diameter size in the order comments, we'll take care of the rest

What you will need to know before ordering:

1) Outside diamter of your rifles' barrel where  you plan to intall it (must be in thousands of an inch : 0.000")

*If your not sure what your barrel diameter is or are not able to measure it, please contacgt us at: / 937-668-4884 and we will work with you to figure it out.



  • Item #: AR15CLP400

Clamp on / Bolt On AR15 Bayonet lug

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