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 MIL-SPEC CLP is an extreme duty lubricant for specifically engineered for Military weapons. MIL-SPEC CLP meets the following Military spec codes: NATO Code s-758, Mil Spec MIL-PRF-63460F TY: A QUAL: AR16-10. MIL-SPEC CLP is a Cleaner, Lubricant and Protectant.

Cleaner: MILSPEC-CLP is formulated to keep small and large caliber military weapons systems performing in the harshest conditions. Exceeds U.S. Government CLM military specifications. Approved for use in extreme environments including Cold, Dust and Salt. 

Lubricant : Helps weapons perform at peak continuously at maximum firing rate without incident. Proven in extreme conditions with a fire rate of 650 round per minute with zero stoppages.  As a lubricant the operating temperatures permit use under all temperature conditions. No need to switch between winter lubricants to summer blends. Operating Temperature:-60F to +160F.

Protectant: Trusted by the U.S. Military and approved for use by the U.S. Government to keep their weapons battle ready. 

 Sold in convenient 3.9 Fl OZ. size, yield: approximately 30 when used to lubricate, clean and protect semi-automatic rifles. 

* Triple R Products LLC (us) personally tests all products before offering them out the gun enthusiast community. Triple R products LLC tested MILSPEC CPL in their most finicky battle rifle and found that after treatment with MILSPEC CLP, the rifle ran with far fewer stoppages than we typically experience with the rifle. We also were please to find that the carbon residue was easier to remove during post test cleaning of the weapon. 


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MIL-SPEC CLP Extreme Duty Weapons Lubricant, Protectant, Cleaner

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