Side Mount Bayonet Lug
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Side Mount Bayonet Lug designed for use on rifles with flare launchers and AR15 / AR10 rifles without bayonet lugs. This bayonet lug mounts between the post of the front sight assembly and can be mounted with the lug on the right or keft side of the rifle. Due to the variation in rifle barrel lengths and flash hider configurations used with flare launchers, the adapter length is custom. This  means you will need to supply me with measurements before I build your adapter. Don't worry - I will walk you through the process to make the coirrect measurements, it is very easy. 

Place your order online and be sure to provide a good phone number and email address in the order form. I willl contact you for length details and instruct you how to make the measurements. 

  • Item #: AR15EXT008

Side Mount Bayonet Lug

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